Crisis in Egypt and the Middle East - Aga Syed Jawad Naqvi

Crisis in Egypt and the Middle East  by Aga  Syed Jawad Naqvi

The ongoing incidents in the world have become a center of attraction for everyone globally. These incidents are taking place in the Muslim world and specifically on that land which has a serious impact on the entire Islamic world. The Islamic world has been a victim of various difficulties since long and a new change is seen now for which there is anxiety in the world and the only means for awareness about these incidents is Media which is not making people aware of the correct situation and is playing an inappropriate role. As a result, many have become victims of misunderstandings and there are some in severe confusion about what is happening in Egypt. We present a brief analysis of what is happening and what is in its background under the light of what is visible. This is because the situation is highly complex and nothing can be clearly predicted. Everyone is just monitoring from far and the most important events which have taken place is the activity which started from Tunis where the government has changed due to masses movement. Then after Tunis in Egypt and along with Egypt certain similar signs are seen in Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, and other places. But before we specifically talk about these events there has been one more bitter incident in the Islamic world which the media has not raised and spread out.

Division of Sudan

This was the division of Sudan on which the media has maintained silence. Sudan is the biggest country in the Arab world in terms of geography. One area of Sudan where a Christian minority was settled was divided by referendum even though the situation in Darfur is bad but the division was done somewhere else. In this referendum, it was shown that 99% percent of people have voted for this. Though the number of Christians in this region is not at all near to the votes given this is a bitter incident which we will take it up at some other occasion. In short, this is a chain of incidents and a complete circle of events that are coming up.

Wiki Leaks – The beginning of Fitna

The discoveries were done by Wiki leaks which in reality was information bombardment across the world in which the prime target and nucleus was the Islamic world. As mentioned in our previous write up that this is the beginning of a new Fitna (dissension) in which Wiki Leaks has taken the first step and now the subsequent steps are in front of us. On top of the head what is happening in the Middle East and certain countries in Africa has impacted everyone in the Muslim world. Since this slogan was raised from the very beginning by West and America that we want to construct a New Middle East with a new plan. In this plan the geographical structure, political structure, and distribution of population will all be done in a new way; and above all, a new culture is required in the Middle East. This has been expressed by them explicitly and they have made attempts for this.

The First Phase of the New Middle East

The first phase of this New Middle East was the violent armed steps that have been already taken place; like whatever happened in Iraq was part of this, which was done towards getting a big change in the Middle East. But to bring a change everywhere using military power was not logical and even not possible. Though at that time many were giving this impression in media that all lands would be captured using military power; this was an illogical analysis even though this was spread out as rumor.

Christianity - The Back Seat Driving Force

In the new Middle East through Israel was one main element all this was not just for giving protection to Israel because there are many other more important objectives other than protection for Israel. This has been placed in our minds by the media that the Jews are the real power in the world who are using America and the World for their interests. A majority of political visionary have such visions but it has been said before that there is another opinion present against this and that is the correct opinion which says that Jews are not the real power, but there is another power behind the curtain which is Christianity who is using Zionism just as a tool. In this specific battle which has been started against the Islamic world and specifically the Middle East which they have termed as Clash of Civilization is between Islam and Christianity. This is the same Christian Crusade (Salibi Jang) which took place in history before and now another chapter of it has been opened but in a very organized manner with experience and proper planning. This battle which has been started by Christianity against Muslims has multiple objectives.

The Objectives of the Clash of Civilization

1. The major objective of this Clash of Civilization which Christianity is driving is to take revenge if their historic defeat by the hands of Muslims. This is because the biggest losses incurred from the hands of Muslims on anyone in history is on Christianity; all the Muslim lands today at one time were under the Roman Empire except for India and Iran, and Rome was a Christian Empire. This Emperorship which Islam has destroyed and spread its borders was that of Christianity. There have been no Jewish Empire before it was all Christianity. The first Jewish state to be established after the advent of Islam was in the last century as Israel and prior to this, there has been no Jewish empire in history.
2. The second objective was this devilish thought that we should have one culture, one vision across the world as One World Order which was spread out, and Christianity practically stepped into this battle. This is the fourth big war as Clash of Civilization. The first two battles were World War I and World War II after which the third big war was the cold war between Imperialism and Communism and now this is the fourth big war as Clash of Civilization. This battle is ongoing in which Jews are just used as a tool.
3. The third intermediate objective is the protection of Israel. It is not that protection and establishment of Israel is their only objective which most of the analysts think and present. They will surely keep Israel in the region through whom they will achieve their goals; this is because if losses happen than that should be on Jews hence they will always keep Israel under their guardianship. They will not
allow Israel to cross the limits even though they have spread this rumor across the world that Jews are the biggest power and they have control and rulership of the world which is not true. Even the Quran says that Jews will always remain disgraced till the day of Qiyamah and their disgrace is due to Christianity. This is all because they have quite broad objectives in the Middle East and they have to use Israel in a big way for which they will protect and secure Israel at any cost which they are doing to date. It is similar to a soldier protecting his gun because if the gun falls down then he cannot fight. Thus keeping on expanding Israel and allowing it to extend its border is one of the intermediate objectives because the actual objectives are much bigger.
4. Amongst these objectives, there are some political, some economical, and some cultural. The economical objectives are because the Middle East as mentioned by the Supreme Leader (Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenei (d.a) in his sermon is the world’s biggest Oil reservoirs hence anyone who has this reservoir in control will have a stronghold over the world. Thus they want to take control of this reservoir which is amongst their economical objectives.
5. From the political objectives, the Middle East is a strategic location in terms of civilization. Most of the ancient civilizations and religions originated from the Middle East. Most of the Prophets came to this region; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all are from the Middle East and then spread out across the border. Hence they know that one who establishes his feet in the Middle East will be able to spread across the world.
6. Another political objective for them is to rule the world and the central point for Muslims in the Middle East since the Kaaba of Muslims is in the Middle East. The reason for Salafi thoughts to spread so fast was because it originated from Mecca and anyone who has Haram will have a strong base. Hence it is essential for them to have the Haram under their control or the control of their pawns.
7. One other prime objective is to block the path of the Islamic Revolution and thoughts of Imam Khomeini (r.a) which is the source of all awakenings across the world after Imam (r.a)‘s an Islamic revolution. The cultural objective is where they want to make the Western culture as standard across the world and for this they want the Middle East as the starting point and this is where they have achieved success also. The significance of the Middle East has increased significantly after the Islamic Revolution. They were not so concerned prior to the Islamic revolution but this revolution has demonstrated the potential present in the Middle East due to which they are terrified and hence consider it essential to get full control of the Middle East. Under this context, they have devised a plan to dominate the world for which the Middle East plays the central role.

Velvet Revolution – The Weapon of the Hour

They have started with military operations by bringing Israel in the front line but in Iraq, they themselves came on the front line. But these military operations to change regime is very expensive. They have thought about a very quick, cheap, and easy method of changing regimes. This is known as the Velvet revolution which we have mentioned before in earlier discourses. The Velvet Revolution was introduced
by us during the Post Election crisis in Iran and we have already published a book also on this subject as “Defeated Velvet Revolution in Iran”. They first experimented in Central Asia and got successful results after which they are experimenting with it in the Middle East. They got a big defeat in Iran but continuing on the success in other parts of the world they are now doing this in the Middle East. Velvet Revolution means bringing change in such a manner that the serpent dies but the stick is also not broken. This is a soft revolution that has different names. In this revolution without any major bloodshed and military operations, they bring a change. This has 98 methods by which they bring this change and these are explained in our book in detail.
They experimented with this in various areas and now this Velvet Revolution has become a matured theory and after its defeat in Iran, they concentrated more on its weakness and deficiencies which resulted in its failure in Iran. They have eliminated their weaknesses after a lot of thinking. Thus in the Middle East, the real objective is to bring this change; which means to bring their government of choice, their selected pawns, and a political change through Velvet Revolution. And the precise 58 points which they have specified in the theory of this revolution have been acted upon in Tunis, Egypt and the same trends are being followed in Algeria, Jordan, and other places. They are making it practical one by one.

Why do they want to change their loyal pawns?

What is about to happen in Egypt and what has happened in Tunis is cent percent a Velvet Revolution which implies a soft change to replace their pawns. A question that arises over here is that the existing ones were their best Pawns like Ben Ali was a slave in their hands ready to do anything they wanted him to do and has done as well. Similarly, Hosni Mubarak is also their best pawn who does anything they want him to do blindly following their instructions. So why do they want to change them? At this stage, only Pawns are being changed and no other change will come and neither is it seen in Tunis. And in places where they have active pawns as well, they will change them because they want to bring a sequential change in the entire region. There are multiple reasons for changing these pawns and we list below a few major ones.
1. The first reason is that these pawns have become old. Hosni Mubarak is 82 in age and any human being does not have the capability to deliver beyond this age of 80 and generally people retire much earlier than this age. If you look at other places in the world as well it is very unique that a politician keeps himself in position and does active politics up to this age. It is very difficult for men to do this physically.
2. The second point is that when they select such pawns for political motives and on their instructions when these pawns dominate and rule a region for a particular period they become well established there and develop the pleasures of power. When they develop this power pleasure, lust and their temperament become power-driven then these same pawns become dangerous apart from being inefficient as well. For a long period they were doing whatever they were delegated to do, but when the same person rules over a region for several decades like 30 years they become very powerful; they bring their family members on high posts and gather a
a lot of wealth and assets; thereby they develop some power within themselves and this way they start to become dangerous.
This is because first they were working for their Masters and now they start to work for themselves, for their family, for their chair. And when this happens the new tasks which are delegated to them go against their self-interests. Like the tasks which were delegated to Hosni Mubarak before; he was delivering it successfully even when he was not so powerful and firm in his regime. But now he is weak due to age and second, he has become very powerful and his and his near ones' interests have spread so far that many things which America is asking them to do now are going against their self-interests. Like certain things which Hosni Mubarak is asked to do by America now is going against the personal interest of his son; certain things are against their financial interests and are contradictory to their political interests. Similar to what is in Pakistan whereby Pakistan did everything they wanted to do with full submission; Musharraf after 9/11 and the existing government is working on the same policies. They did not leave anything which would not satisfy America but still America is not contented and pleased with them. Now also they demand many things which they do not fulfill; many such demands come on media whereas many are behind which they do not deliver because it contradicts their personal interests like it impacts their vote bank; it threatens their economic interests; hence they do not do certain things.
Thus those who get established in certain places for a long time develop their own power base. As an example, those SHO’s who are appointed in police station through recommendations by someone for some time they depend and provide full services to those who have recommended them but after some time this SHO develops his own relationship with criminal gangs and starts to take bribe from these gangs directly. Now when this SHO’s roots get deeply penetrated in this police station now even when his earlier masters instruct him to do file an FIR against a criminal he does not do it because he knows that if he does this it threatens his own commercial interests associated with this criminal. This is where it is necessary to replace this SHO because now for personal interests this SHO is no more capable to obey his masters in whatever they say. This happens at international level as well and the international pawns are affected more; like if you see Parvez Musharraf till the time when his power was in the struggle he was doing blindly everything for them but when he got established he became alert and did not take many steps which they instructed him to do because these steps were threatening his personal interests. He took many bold steps on their instructions but then he did not do many things and this is the reason America is not happy with Pakistan. In many areas America wants Pakistan to carry out military operations like in Quetta but Pakistan is not doing this. They do bargain and the reason for this bargaining is their own personal interests are in danger and they do not take the risks in many such situations.
A Politician always tries to find a midway so that he can keep his master also happy and also protect his personal interest. But the masters smell this very quickly that this slave is not following their instructions the way they expect him to follow. Hence the time comes for his
change now and Ben Ali was a similar person. He was a very effective person for them who ruled for thirty years and did whatever they wanted him to do. But his own personal interests were such that 2/3 rd of Economic Power of Tunis is with Ben Ali, his wife, and his family. If a person has such vast economic dominance over a state then his personal interests take priority over everything and even if he personally wants to do this the vested interests of his family members would block him from doing this; the wife of Ben Ali would be reminding him of the risks of personal interests associated in blindly following the interests of America. In Iran also the sister of Shah, Ashraf Pahlavi was the leader and gangster of Drug Mafia; she was a terrifying woman whom everyone was afraid of. She would assassinate people as if killing flies and her business was so spread globally that at times Shah would not do certain things America wanted him to do because his sister would become an obstacle due to the threats on her personal interests with such moves. In Pakistan why Auto Rickshaws are used to date in such an advanced world and that too in a nation with atomic power? It is not that Pakistan is not having finances to replace these with some better options; the reason is that this is a Mafia that does not allow these to be removed. Like in Karachi if you see those private buses you will be scared to step inside it but the Mafia does not allow these to be obliterated. Like the Mafia’s do not allow trains to run on certain routes where they have other transport businesses.
These Mafia’s are very strong and they do not allow the government to do many things. And these Mafia’s are lead by some people who are close to the corrupt leaders. They have all the licenses and the major earning system of the country is under their control. This is a common fact that whenever there is a corrupt ruler a moon of such people gets formed around this corrupt ruler which controls the economy of the country and derives maximum personal benefits. This circle which is around these corrupt rulers has people who own different mafia’s of the economic segment of the society and eventually these Mafia’s start to run the country. Thus Ben Ali was a person who had a Mafia built around him and this Mafia had personal interests that took priority over the objectives for which Ben Ali was planted. It is like a Lecturer is sent to an area to do religious propagation but he goes there do many things like multiple marriages, setups his business and builds houses so now he would refrain from delivering his religious responsibilities, he would not issue many verdicts and religious rulings because the people who are supporting him or with whom he is doing business would not like certain things. So now the circle which has developed around him would restrict him from doing many things and hence this religious propagator now becomes ineffective.
In the same way, the political pawns also at some stage become useless and the prime reason for their ineffectiveness is this circle which gets formed around them and without this circle, they can’t move because whatever they have to do is through this circle only and these pawns don’t have any roots inside the people. They have no trust in people, they don’t have any religion and their entire dependency is on these Mafia groups and it is essential for them is to keep this Mafia with them and a ruler surrounded by such Mafia becomes useless and ineffective for Imperialism. Hence a time comes when it is necessary to change them.
3. The third reason for changing the pawn is to have diversification and change which means when singleness starts to prevail it creates irritation and frustration; and when people get frustrated and irritated with someone they start to make noise even without any reason. Like a single recipe of best nature is given everyday people get bored. This was the thing with Moosa’s community that when they were given Manna and Quails after some time they said that they need vegetables; Allah said that we have given you the best food and you are now asking for something which is not best. In Egypt a youth has given an interview which came on Media and several channels broadcasted this. He was questioned on why is he protesting, is it due to some ideology; he replied that I am bored, irritated with one ruler, and from the time I opened my eyes I have seen this one ruler only. I cannot tolerate this and have become allergic to him and hence I want him to change. People need diversity and they need a change in the system hence when they see a change they get peace and content.
4. One-fourth big reason is that these pawns have become perished pawns. When people play cards; at times the opponent knows what the other one is going to play. When these people play cards they hide their important cards to play it when required. But if the opponent is smart and reads behind your back about which card you are going to play then you lose the game. These cards perish cards which means the enemy has read your cards. In wars when the enemy knows about your plan then this becomes a perished plan because the enemy knows the move about the opponent. Similarly in the education world, the teacher at times reveals what is going come in the examination paper in order to favor his favorite student; such an exam paper is now a perished paper that should be replaced. In politics also certain personalities who are subjugated by others and are working on directives of others get exposed and people come to know that they are slaves of some other masters. In this instance they lose their trust in people, they lose their status, position, personality impression; everything is lost and becomes useless and ineffective. If such perished pawns are not removed then political moves will face defeat. Thus these existing pawns perish in the eyes of the nation.
And the biggest role in perishing these pawns by exposing their true faces and bringing them to a stage where they lost all respect from people is played by the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The attention and awakening which the Islamic revolution brought amongst the people of the Muslim world exposed and perished these pawns. As it was said before at the time of the 33 days of Hezbollah battle that one big achievement by Sayed Nasrullah was that he teased many political personalities who got defamed and insulted in front of the world. It is like a young man is trying to lift a chair but cannot do but instead, a child comes and lifts the chair; this child has insulted and teased this young man even without explicitly or directly saying something. This child has done something which this young man was not able to do. I gave an example also that somewhere a donkey entered a wheat farm and all the villagers gathered to decide how to get this donkey out of the farm. They decided to make a working committee to work on this; the committee worked out and gave some suggestions that a resolution should be made and presented to the donkey. The intellectuals and scholars of the village sat, prepared a resolution, and presented it to the donkey who did not pay any attention. So they said that this method has
failed so now we should arrange for a procession and convention to protest against this donkey. This was a donkey who did not understand. Since this also did not work out they started a rally by putting all banners around the farm and appealed to the donkey but still, nothing worked out. They brought respected people to talk to the donkey but nothing worked out. Then a child from a nearby village came and asked them what happened. They said that this donkey has entered the farm for several days, giving us losses and is not coming out. This child took a stem from a tree on the farm and whipped two strokes on the donkey and it went out. After this, the farmers of the village organized a protest against this child that this child is extremist, harsh, and is spoiling our community. He has used weapons and we are peace-loving people.
This example was for Israel which is a donkey that entered Palestine and people started to do resolutions, dialogues etc but nothing happened. Hezbollah was like a child who came and kicked them out of Lebanon. At times certain things are very simple but some intellectuals use extreme wisdom to solve the problem. There was a wise person and someone came to him and asked him the method of catching a Swan. He said first wait till sunrise, then go near the swan and put wax on its head, then wait for the wax to melt and when it melts it will come on its eyes, the Swan’s eyes will close and then you catch it. This person asked the wise man that when I go to put wax on his head at that time I can snatch him easily. The wise person said if you want to snatch him then go and do it but if you want to ask me then this is the only method I know. Like this, there are wise persons who want to solve the social problems through such means.
These perish and useless pawns that need to be replaced by new living pawns and give them such tasks that these useless pawns cannot do. These new pawns are now greedy and hungry. This is another reason which comes up for replacing pawns.
5. Some people after a certain time passes their bellies are full and this reduces their lust and desires. There are some people who have burning desires to travel and see places, but there are some who have been traveling so much that now they don’t want to travel. Even if it is the best of the food to be given to someone, he eats for some time and once he is full he does just wastes the food after he is full. A person who has been eating and having all sorts of fun for thirty or forty years is full now and not greedy anymore. In the Velvet revolution, those persons are brought forward as replacement options who are hungry for power. Even in Iran such personalities who have literally become blind for power like Karroubi, Mir Hossein Moosavi who had lost all their sense for power. Such persons can do anything you demand from them for the sake of getting into power. Such persons who are starving for powers are present everywhere in the world and if you only offer them anything they will do for just an offer. Umar ibn Saad was a power-hungry person; whatever Ibne Ziad wanted he was ready to do. He was only offered power not given and asked whether he will kill Husain ibn Ali for this, he agreed to do it. A power-hungry irrespective of whatever position he is will do anything. Such persons are used in the Velvet Revolution.

Leaking the Pressure of Awakening

Whatever has happened and is happening in Tunis and Egypt had the main purpose to bring a major change in the Middle East not by the use of arms and force but in a soft manner. The second reason was to change the pawns the reasons for which were mentioned before. The third reason was the awareness and awakening which has come in the region after the Islamic revolution and specifically after Hezbollah and Hamas to some extent amongst the Arabs need to be curbed. It was necessary to change its track because this awakening will spread from that small group of awakened people to non awakened masses. And this was happening; the Shia, Sunni, and even the Wahhabis were impressed by the achievement of Hezbollah in the Arab world. It is impossible and beyond their capabilities to annihilate this awakening hence the option was to change the lever of this train of awakening which was moving forward at rapid speed. Hence something which you cannot stop you need to change its direction. When the flood comes you cannot stop it, but you change its course and direction.
When a Lava is created inside the volcano it erupts one day with a big explosion. This is a Revolution whereby a Lava is cooked for a long time and then it bursts out. But if pressure is getting made up but somehow the pressure is punctured and leaked out then it cannot burst. Like at homes you would have seen pressure cooker which creates extensive heat inside but at regular intervals, this pressure needs to be relieved through a whistle else the pressure cooker will burst out. This is what they are experimenting in the Muslim world now whereby whenever a revolutionary pressure gets created in a society they have planted some people whose role is to leak this pressure. They would do anything political, economical, or religious to leak this pressure. This is what they did here which means a pressure which was building as a result of awakening had to be diverted and leaked out so that it should not burst out and not reach the stage of the revolution. What is happening now is not a Revolution but the leakage of pressure and to divert its course and change its direction.
As said before that Wiki Leaks has created the ground for this. The secrets which they bombarded were meant to leak public pressure. It is like a person who is mentally sick and depressed develops a lot of mental pressure and they need someplace to leak the pressure. The doctors tell them to cry or laugh so that the mental pressure which is building inside them gets leaked out. It is a proven fact that those who either cry a lot or laugh they have fewer mental problems because they transfer the pressure. But those who do not cry or laugh or in other worlds are also quiet they blast out. Similarly in society also many pressures are built up due to inflation, corruption, daily problems, etc, and a technique is required to remove this pressure so that it does not reach the stage of inflation. Thus they started this leakage because the Arab nations have started to awaken and have got a direction that they wanted to change and release this pressure of awakening.

Lack of Ideology and Leadership in the Movement

If you look at the beginning of all this there was no intervention of any vision or ideology. There was no group or party that came out with a vision of ideology in both Tunis and Egypt. Then there is no leadership in both these places and in other places as well where this has started. In Tunis also there was no leader, Al Ganoushi also came afterward, and those who come afterward only come to cash it. When the pan is hot with oil people passing by can also fry their own dumplings. El Baradei has come to fry his dumpling in this heated up oil pan; he is trying to see if his currency can run. Everything is happening
without leadership and this vacuum of leadership is being bridged by Media. Media is playing the role of leader over here who is giving directions to the people. Like in Pakistan when the lawyers started a movement there was no leadership but instead, this role was played by the media. All the people that gathered and their diversions were done all by the Media and it was the leadership role that the media was delivering. This is a fact and the philosophy of existence for political media is to play a leadership role. Thus if you look at bulletins and headlines of all Pakistan’s leading media groups it was written as leading media, leading newspapers in both Urdu and on the TV Channel. When people read this they interpret this newspaper or channel being ahead of other channels but the reality is that it is playing the role of leader.
In this doctrine of the Velvet Revolution, there is neither room for Ideological leadership nor any ideology. In communism and socialism, they terminated two things; capitalism and religion both. This is because they consider religion as an obstacle along with imperialism. Similarly in Velvet Revolution Ideology or religion is a big obstacle and should not be allowed and if seen it should be removed. If you follow the events it is the media (their media) that is playing this role. Our media in Pakistan is the fourth-grade media which means it is not creative. It is like one animal outputs it excreta, then another animal eats it, then it passes it out which the third animal eats and passes the excreta which the fourth animal eats. Our media is like this fourth animal. This means the issue and news is made by someone else and then our media passes on their excreta to us though in local matters our media plays a leading role. What is happening in Tunis and Egypt we need to look at their channels; watch their Arabic channels and read their Arabic news specifically watch BBC Arabic and other Egyptian and Arab channels. At present, the Arabic media has become the control room who is giving directions to this. In the Iranian Velvet Revolution as well BBC Persian was playing the leading role; they made a specific BBC Persian office in Dubai and were controlling the events in Iran from there.

The Beginning of Events

Let us look from where these incidents sparked off. It started off with a person setting himself on fire. It is essential for Media to have an emotional scene in front of them which they can present to people using their media talents and thus raise their emotions to peak and then these people get prepared for riots. First, in Tunis, a person sets himself to fire, the same thing they repeated in Yemen, and in Egypt as well the same thing and in Jordan also one person started to do this but was caught. This way they started this activity that one person sets himself to fire and then this chaos started. It was not that there was any ideology that provoked all this. There was a poet in Tunis who sung an English song whose first phrase was “Mr. President your nation is dying”. He sang in such a melody that it sparked off the community which brought the community on road. This song was not broadcasted on TV it was uploaded on the internet. This is a fact that talent can do big things in every field which exists from ancient times. In the ancient battles also the burden of battle would be less on the Commander but more on those who would be arousing the emotions of the warriors. In the battle of Badr, the polytheists had accompanied singer women from Mecca who were meant to arouse the courage of the soldiers by singing songs. In Pakistan also there was that Singing Queen who would visit the borders and sing songs to arouse the soldiers. This pop singer did this and now you should ponder that the way the people were
aroused to do all this had roles played by Singer, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all these are websites. This revolution was a YouTube revolution.

The Role Played by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Now as said before there was a leadership vacuum and right at this time the Supreme Leader, who stepped in the right moment and delivered his role, which is expected from a Leader. He played the role of a Prophet which means that the wave of awakening which they wanted to divert towards other things he once again commanded this to be brought back into the right Ideological direction and tried to fulfill the leadership vacuum. This panicked them and not even twelve hours had passed after this sermon of the Leader they diverted all their energies to protecting what is happening in Egypt. They are now struggling hard to protect the influence of Supreme Leader on Egypt and in lieu of this they even burnt down the office of Al Alam the Arabic News channel of Iran in Cairo. They don’t want this call of Leader to reach the Egyptian people. It is other people’s task now to make this message reach the people. People were not worried about Tunis and even the Leader did not say anything on Tunis but it when came to Egypt Rahbar spoke out. If you notice in this sermon the Supreme Leader has called the Egyptian nation in the same way Imam Khomeini (r.a) was calling the Iranian nation. He called with the titles of the esteemed nations, Great Egypt so that a message can be delivered to the Egyptian people and they should know what is to be done. At present, there is a battle in which there is a Global media who is leading the battle, and even with though with limited resources the Iranian leadership has to play this leadership role on the other end.
Though the means and chances do not look like that the message of leader could reach the Egyptian masses because they have blocked everything from all sides. But if somehow this message can reach the Egyptian masses then we can have the hope this awakening will change its course and get in the right direction.

Muslim Brotherhood and Al Azhar University’s Role

One other thing which has astonished everyone is about that group which everyone thought was behind this and it was their uprising; that is the Muslim Brotherhood is standing in one corner silently. They presented a six-point manifesto and in this, they said everything other than what they were expected to say. They said first Hosni Mubarak should resign, then an intermediate government should be established, then under international supervision, an election should take place and democracy should be established. Then some changes should be brought into the national constitution which should not allow dictatorship to prevail. In this manifesto, they did not even take the name of Islam or Islamic governance. They are not participating in the protests and have just issued this statement. This has astonished everyone because a leadership role was expected to be played by the Muslim Brotherhood party. This party has come into existence for almost a century and is the mother party for all awakenings in the Islamic world. The father of this party was Hasanul Banna a very revolutionary personality and after him, his successor Martyr Qutub and then many other crusaders which this party has presented and its effects spread into other parts of the world. In fact, as per them which we also do not completely disagree that the Islamic Revolution in Iran is also our outcome and it was initiated by us. It is
true that they started the movement of awakening in Egypt even before the Shias were awakened. And people who came to Egypt came with new visions and Ideologies; one outcome of this is Maulana Maudoodi in Pakistan who in the era of stagnancy and stillness in Pakistan presented a message of awakening in Pakistan. He was impressed and under the effects of the Muslim Brotherhood and other branches of the Muslim Brotherhood. Such an ancient and firm movement has no role to play now? One reason in general about the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood is that it is an organization (Tanzeem) whereby they imprisoned themselves in the cage of organization and whenever this happens in any community when a Party runs a movement this party will become the cause of the failure of the movement. This can be discussed in more detail later.
In Iran, the first book to be translated on the Islamic Government is from Maulana Maudoodi “Riyasate Islami”. Iranian Scholars translated this book much before the Islamic Revolution and some other Egyptian writer's books on Islamic Governance were translated by Iranian scholars and even the Supreme Leader has done one translation. Even personalities like Montazeri and Dr. Chamran were under very high impressions and effects of the Egyptian Islamic movement. Though they were following the path shown by Imam (r.a) but were associated with Egyptian movement.
As regards Al Azhar University which is the Sunni Scholar nucleus in the Islamic world they are also silent. The Marajo’s from Qom have written to Al Azhar that for God’s sake speak something, why are you sitting silent. The only thing which has happened is that the spokesperson of Al Azhar has given resignation. Al Azhar is also a government institution but there is no statement from them and no role played from them. Instead, they have done some disgraceful things in the recent past whereby they meet and shake hands with Israeli President. They have started to prepare the ground for Zionism and now they are silent. This is the time when Al Azhar or Muslim Brotherhood should start to do something but the internal reason behind their silence is not clear yet. As per one statement, the Muslim Brotherhood has said that after Hosni Mubarak if there are elections then they will not participate in those elections as well. These are the complexities of these situations.

The Supreme Leader’s Guidance to the Egyptian Nation

The Supreme Leader did not mention in his Sermon that this movement is Islamic but instead guided them to make this movement Islamic. Thus he presented all those principles and things to be done by the Egyptian nation to make this movement Islamic. I am presenting a few points from the Arabic Sermon.
First, he presented some causes about this uprising that the Tunis and the Egyptians were insulted and hence they burst out.
The Leader says “Tunis is an old nation and many good people have been born there”. He told that people want Islam and those who have control of this movement are taking this into another direction. He presented the Islamic Revolution of Iran as an example that when this revolution started and came to a stage where it was not possible to block it; they tried to change its course and direction. It was the sharpness of Imam (r.a) and the awakening of the nation which blocked this. They negotiated with Scholars to turn this into Social Reformatory movement and whatever the Scholars presented as reformation Shah accepted it. Shah did not ask Imam (r.a) and Imam (r.a) questioned him why you did not ask
me what change I want? I am running this movement and you are not asking me? My demand is the only one that you should leave Iran. The Supreme Leader presented this example to them.
Then he says about Egypt “First Egypt was the gate of Islam where the first voice was raised against Western Culture. The first Muslim newspaper was started in Egypt and it was one century before other Muslims. Then Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani went to Egypt and made more efforts in Egypt. He traveled across the Muslim world and did not find the revolutionary potential as much as in Egypt. He settled there and created students like Mohammed Abdo.” The Leader is telling them what you should do. “The Egyptians from ancient times are followers of Islam and desire an Islamic Governance”. Like this, he appreciated Jamal Abdul Nasser though he was a communist person, not Islamist still he had communal respect but his inheritors now are shameless beings. Then he reminded them the first uprising against Israel was started by Egypt; he reminded them what you were and which direction you are going towards now. After mentioning all these than in the Arabic Sermon, he emphasized that you will have to be vigilant and take this into an Ideological direction.
The things which have been taken to advantage are the poverty in Egypt. He mentioned in his Sermon that more than 40% of people in Egypt are below the poverty line and even specifically said that 2 to 3 million people live in graveyards and on streets even though it is a rich country.
This activity which has started in Egypt has been under preparation going for long and step by step they are now making it practically. They have a plan for the entire world and an important part of that is the Middle East; the change in the Middle East will impact changes across the globe; they want to invent a new method and policy for the region. And for this, they have taken advantage of this opportunity. They don’t have any ideological demand but there is only one demand that Hosni Mubarak should leave. This was exactly the same they did in Georgia, then they tried in Iran as well but failed but now one by one they are trying to bring change in these Muslim nations. The system they want to bring in is democracy and this democracy will be taught by America, the same which is in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then there will be the same insecurity and instability as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Role of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East Crisis

In this incident, there is one important role and that is of Saudi Arab whereby Saudi has not played a cautious role which has been the case with others. If the government falls down in Egypt then in days for other governments like Jordan, Yemen, and Algeria, and even in Syria they plan to do the same. But in the Gulf Countries, the anxiety is less because they have been contented that you won’t be touched even though the worst governance is in Khaleej countries where the people have no say in anything in these nations. Such nations have been relaxed. For this next stage, they need to protect Saudi Arab and make it a place of refuge. If Ben Ali would have been killed in Tunis then Hosni Mubarak will never leave because he would be afraid. But by giving refuge to Ben Ali in Saudi he is at least relaxed that if he has to leave then he has a safe haven to go. Like this one by one other will also run and reach Saudi. This is necessary until a certain time. It is like when Police raids on criminals; they are told that anyone who takes refuge at the home of a feudal will be safe, all will run there. And when all are gathered there then the police can take care of them all in that one place along with the Feudal lord. Thus Saudi has been
ensured that we will keep you secure. Saudi will remain protected until the desired changes do not come in other places then the next phase of Gulf nations will start. Hence they are not realizing the danger now.

The Supreme Leader wants to Change the Course

But the way Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a) has mentioned and if this message gets spread across the Arabic world and the course of these movements’ changes than the enemies will change their plans also and will try to first bring change in the GCC nations. This is because Ideological preparedness is much more in GCC nations as compared to others. These nations are in a good state and they are not under poverty. They don’t have beggars in their country to even give charity. The triggering issues which can be benefitted from as in other nation is not present in GCC nations. In these nations, there is a religious sense which was first lead by Wahabi extremism, but now the effects of Hezbollah is much more than before. Hence if somehow the message of the Supreme Leader penetrates deep inside Egypt and the direction changes for the Egyptians and then this entire planned Velvet Revolution movement will first move towards the GCC countries. Now the battle is of Lever, as to what Lever is to be changed. If the lever changes towards Islamic awakening then the course will change towards GCC and big changes are going to come.
At present there are two expected changes; one is the change which America desires and second is that the direction changes towards Islam which is not seen anywhere and not even the slogans are seen by the big parties. Islamic sense is there amongst people but not in the parties, as in Tunis it can be seen where girls can now go with Hijaab. This means people have a desire for Islam but there is a need for leadership that can change this desire into a movement. This is what the Supreme Leader desires.

The obstacle in the path Leader’s message

Since there is a religious school of thought barrier also; even within awakened people they have this distancing factor that Supreme Leader is Shia and the people are all Sunni. They have started to raise this slogan from now that Wilayat e Faqeeh cannot be accepted in Egypt. This is what they have been telling people that if you raise the slogan of Islam then you will have to go under the system of Wilayat e Faqeeh (means governance by a learned scholar). This is also one reason that people are hesitating to raise the slogan of Islam. Under this situation, the responsibilities of those who can change the direction are very high. Whether Muslim brotherhood can do this or not is still not seen to date. Like in Iraq also they do not talk about Islamic governance, everyone talks about Democracy only.
Joe Biden who is an American advisor for Afghanistan and Pakistan has issued a statement that Pakistan should also be prepared. The President is already scared and they have given instructions to dissolve the cabinet. Now they are talking about reducing Electricity and Gas load shedding problems. They think that by solving these issues they can stop this. It is doubtful that this will happen in Pakistan even to the extent it happened in Egypt. Though Islamic temperament and desire for Islam is the maximum in Pakistan but awakening is very low. But the religion over here is so hard that even with the strong religious sense there is stagnancy. The religion in Pakistan is stoned religion which is hard and without any movement. There is stagnancy of thoughts, actions and religious people distance away from political
issues and try to live with the situation. Joe Biden has rung the danger bells and the government is scared.

The Impact of the Egyptian Movement

Whatever has started here will have an impact on other non-Muslim nations as well specifically the African nations and many countries in Latin American. They are also waiting to see the results of Egypt. It is evident that change will come but whether the pawn will change or the direction will also change is not clear, but more chances are that an American favorite pawn will come, which would be El Baradei or someone else but West favorite. In general the pawn they bring in front as a replacement is not the one whom they actually desire as a replacement. The delegation and duty of this pawn is just for this phase whereas the actual pawn to rule as a replacement would be someone else. Obama has also told Hosni Mubarak to resign and Saudi Arab has also told him to come to Saudi. So what it looks like is that only the pawn will change and nothing else will happen in fact the situation would worsen.

The Role of Israel in this Movement

Israel has a significant role in this and Israeli commandos have already entered Egypt and positioned themselves on important locations. The panic which should have happened in Israel is not seen to that extent. They are expressing their concerns but the prime concern which they should have is not seen. It is clear that if an Islamic movement starts in Egypt then it is the end of Israel, and then there is no doubt that Israel will be obliterated. But there is no panic in Israel except for few statements amongst which also they are emphasizing that the influence of Iran should not enter Egypt. The Israeli commandos have taken critical positions across Cairo because the Egyptian army has also said that they will not crush this movement. Whatever encounters are seen is not primarily by the Egyptian army it is done by the gangster Mafia of Hosni Mubarak. Israel wants to see such a democratic change in Egypt which would ensure safety for Israel and not just safety but give Israel further opportunity in their mission. Hence the pawn which is used and presented now as a replacement is just for bulldozing and won’t be a replacement. There are many who are ready and nurtured by them like there are many Egyptians in America who have been educated there and anyone can be brought.

Our Supplication and Desire

All this mentioned is on the basis of what is visible, but we can’t challenge any divine planning behind this. We can’t say in which direction for sure this will lead towards. It is clear that anyone who takes a leading step will take it in that direction which the upcoming circumstances will reveal.
We pray during this stage that Allah (s) should grant a divine opportunity to the Egyptian people to make this movement an Islamic movement and an Islamic government gets established. Egypt is the starting point for any movement in the Islamic world; hence anything that starts from Egypt reaches the entire Arab world. If democracy starts from Egypt than this will spread across the Muslim world and if Islamic governance comes up then all the existing non-Islamic governances in the Muslim world will fall one by one including the GCC nations. May Allah (s) give the divine opportunity to Egyptians to come in the field of Islam which has been an effort for a hundred years and now is the time to see its results. This is a
very sensitive situation and we pray for some divine unseen means to guide them because if this opportunity is lost now than for decades Egypt will not able to see the light of an Islamic movement. This is the time when they have to do something concrete as mentioned by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and it was not just limited to a Sermon there will be many more steps taken by the leadership to try to get this movement in the right direction. We pray for an Islamic uprising in Egypt which will trigger the movements in many other places and many things will then ease out in Pakistan as well.

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Crisis in Egypt and the Middle East  - Aga  Syed Jawad Naqvi
Crisis in Egypt and the Middle East  - Aga  Syed Jawad Naqvi

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